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The specialty camps shown below include Ground Games, Ready-to-Show Boot Camp, Show Jumping, and Dressage camps, with a few Boss Mares Clinics thrown in here and there.

"2017 Ground Games Clinic" Just a few highlights from a WINDY but fun-filled day of practicing ground training techniques and playing with our horses! Music by Rob Thomas.

2016 Ground Games Clinic: HorseSense students enjoy a great day of sunshine and playing with their horses on the ground! We had fun watching Amanda and Merlin, Grace and Rosie, David and Delay, Mia and Romeo, Journey and Hitman, Amy and Chase, Emma and Beth and Mystery, Marissa and Jay, Alex and Heaven, Nancy and Fancy, and Bethany and Lightning Bug (hands-down winner of the clinic's Cutest Pony award!).
Music by Gomez.

2015 Boss Mares Clinic: We enjoyed a fun day in the sun with mounted games and some of our favorite horsey women: Amanda on Fancy, Angela on Heaven, Nicole on Chase and Dewi, Rhonda on Biscuit, and Becca on Jay!
Music  is"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper

2015 Ground Games Camp: Great turnout for this clinic! Look how much progress everyone made with just two sessions of groundwork: kudos to David and Delay, Amanda and Fancy, Grace and Rosie, Mary Margaret and Bracken, Megan and Bear, Momo and Cassie, Mia and Hitman, Delaney and Bullet, Rebecca and Bird, Katie and Bo, and Lexi and Rhiannon.
Music is "You & Me" by Dave Matthews Band.

2014 Ground Games Camp: What better way to start the year than a weekend of playing with your horse? Ground Games campers Maura (with Biscuit), Katie (with Stormy), Delaney (with Joker), Momo (with Coby), Shayla (with Chase), and Autumn (with Chief) practice training techniques and learn just how much fun you can have out of the saddle.
Music by Jack Johnson.

2013 Show Jump Clinic: Our one-day show jumping clinic, starring Amy (on Sage), Maura (on Biscuit), Elodie (on Hitman), Shayla (on Chase), Morgan (on E) and Katie on (Stormy). Song by Madonna.

2013 Ready-to-Show Boot Camp: Snow and wind didn't deter these intrepid campers: Holly (on Chase), Maura (on Biscuit), Lauren (on Hitman), Shayla (on Sage), Amber(on Merlin), Katie on (Stormy), Mary Elizabeth (on Zahtar) and Hannah (on Heaven). Music by Coldplay.

2012 Show Jump Clinic: Our one-day show jumping clinic, starring Momo (on Heaven), Maura (on Biscuit), Kendall (on Halik), Colbie (on Bailey), Morgan (on Ruby) and Faith on (Tiger Lily).  Lots of great jumping and smiling faces despite the rain and mud! Song by Hayden Panettiere.

2012 Dressage Camp. After two days of intensive instruction, Maura and Biscuit show off their beautiful dressage tests - ridden for the first time from memory! Music by AC DC.