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2009 - 2012

 "2012 Trick-or-Treat Games Competition"  HorseSense students put their mounted games skills to the test in our annual Halloween tournament, playing games such as "Pole-tergeist," "Costume Dash," and "Monster Mash!" Not much footage of this one, as the camera went on strike. This is Megan and Maura on Sage, Haley and Katie on Petey, Lauren and Shayla on Hitman, Abi on Zahtar, Shayla on Biscuit, and Sydney and Nikki on Heaven.


"Mounted Games Camp 2012"  Our annual games camp for both beginner and advanced riders.  Featured are Intro competition winners "Dragon Power" [Halle (on Petey) and Katie C. (on Heaven)] riding against the "Wildflowers" [Momo (on Zahtar) and Becca (on Jay)]; and Master's compeititon champions the "Oompah Loompah's" [Katie K. (on Petey) and Grace (on Magic)] racing the "Three Stooges" [Kendall (on Halik), KK (on Hitman), and Shayla (on Zahtar).]


"Snowball Series 2011"  Heaven (and Nikki) and Charlie Brown (and Brandy) ring in the New Year playing Intermediate Pairs in MGAA's Snowball Series at the Kentucky Horse Park.


"Breyerfest 2010"  Heaven (and Nikki) and Charlie Brown (and Brandy) are back playing mounted games at the Kentucky Horse Park in July for an MGAA exhibition at Breyerfest.


"Snowball Series - 2010"   Heaven (with Nikki) and Charlie Brown (with Brandy) play mounted games together as the "Wildflowers" for the first time at MGAA's Snowball Series,
held in subfreezing weather at the Kentucky Horse Park.
(Day 1 - First of 2 videos)

Temperature still in the 20's (and Kentucky Horse Park arena frozen!) on Day 2 of the 2010 Snowball Series -- but Heaven (and Nikki) and Charlie Brown (and Brandy) still had a blast playing games.


 "Snowball Series - 2009"  Heaven (and Nikki) and Zahtar (and Sam) race in the Masters Division of the MGAA Snowball Series Competition, held at the Kentucky Horse Park.  This was Sam's first outside competition ever, and Nikki's first in over two years.  BTW, Heaven was 23 years old at the time .... and Zahtar was 27!