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2014 - 2015

new!  "2015: Palomino, My Amigo"  A beautiful spring day with Rhonda and Biscuit. "When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your know you are loved." ~ John Lyons
Music by Mary Ann Kennedy.

new!  "2015: Further Adventures of Jay the Wonderpony ~ Two Years"  It's been two years since everybody's favorite Haflinger came to stay at HorseSense... and my, how he has grown! Music by Owl City.

 new!  "2015: Dressage Skillz" Yellow, Blue, and Purple Level students at HorseSense spent January learning basic dressage skills and showing them off by riding tests - with thanks to Dom and Jimmie Schramm of Evention TV for the musical accompaniment!


2015: A HorseSense Snow Day"  Good thing snow is pretty!  Be sure to watch this in full screen/HD.


new!  "2014: we are in love ♥" From broken back to galloping bareback into the sunset, in less than one year... Maura and Biscuit prove that anything is possible when you are in love.
Music is "We Are in Love" by Cider Sky


new!  "2014: Rhiannon" Lara and Rhiannon have a joyful reunion during a beautiful week in Oct.
Music from The Horse Whisperer


new!   "2014: Then You Ride Your Pony 'Round and 'Round"  Katie and Lexi have fun in the sun with their horses, Stormy and Fancy. Music by Erin McCarley.


"2014: Touching Heaven"  Nikki's latest video with Heaven, showing what you can do together when you truly love your pony!  Music by KPM Music is called "Touching Heaven" - how cool is THAT? Be sure to watch this in full screen/HD.