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2013 - 2012

   "2013: The Further Adventures of Jay the Wonderpony"  Jay's training progresses, both at the canter and on the ground. He's still seriously cute.


"2013: Snow Day with Heaven"  Nikki and Heaven play in our new arena on a magical snowy afternoon. (Tip: watch this one Full Screen in HD!)


"HorseSense Video Session - Winter 2013"  HorseSense students kick off the new year by analyzing video of their positions, on the flat, without stirrups, and over fences. We learned that good equitation is a continual journey, and developed goals and training plans for the new year!  Music: "Working on It" by Mark Knopfler.


 "No Stirrup Month 2012"  HorseSense students go a month without stirrups to develop a balanced seat and superhuman strength!  Starring Maura, Amber, Katie, Halle, Kendall, Marissa, Sandy, Lucy, Izzy, Momo, Maggie, Kadence, Haley, Tammy, and Elodie.  Music by Kelly Clarkson.


"2012: Jay the Wonder Pony"  This is Jay's first Intro A dressage test -- in fact, he'd only been under saddle 15 times before this video.  Rebecca brings him down to HorseSense (from Murphy, NC) for a training lesson whenever she can; both Nikki and Becca are very proud of him!  Watch for more of Jay as he progresses.


"2012: Chase Learns Lateral Work"  Videotaped lesson in which Sandy works to get Chase to understand the dressage concepts "leg yield" and "shoulder in".