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Learning Levels binder
Learning Levels Progress BookletLearning Levels RibbonsLearning Levels Tracking Charts


Everything you need to get started using the Learning Levels in your instruction program:

sturdy 3-ring binder

dividers for all seven levels

your first two sets of guides:
-- Red Horsekeeping
-- Red Horsemanship
-- Yellow Horsekeeping
-- Yellow Horsemanship
(NOTE: all other guides are now sold separately.)

tracking charts for Horsemanship, Horsekeeping, and Rainbow Levels

sample student progress booklets (one for Horsekeeping, one for Horsemanship)

sample ribbon for each level

 When we publish a new study guide, you'll be able to purchase it for just $10 and add it to your binder.

Includes free standard shipping (usually 5-12 days); contact us to arrange 2nd-day shipping if you Just. Need. It. Now.



A NOTE ABOUT REPRODUCING STUDY GUIDE MATERIALS FOR YOUR STUDENTS:  You may wish to photocopy pages of the study guide to hand out to your students -- and we think that's a good thing. And you'll want to photocopy those tracking guides and progress books as needed for your lesson program: that's why we make them available.

As long as no one is altering the materials in any way or violating copyright laws (e.g., publishing any part of them or reselling guides without permission), then it's all good.

Of course, if you'd rather have students order printed guides of their own, that's even better!

Let's teach safe, responsible riding and horse care -- and make our hard-working horses happy!