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Green Level Horsekeeping Study GuideLL-301  GREEN LEVEL HORSEMANSHIP

The third horsemanship guide for students aged 8 and up. Prepares students to achieve these riding objectives:

safely catch horse in both stall and field

prepare for a lesson independently in 15 minutes or less

ride bareback confidently at the walk and trot

demonstrate the following maneuvers:
- reinback
- rating speed at walk and trot
- large circle at canter
- change of direction w/simple change at canter

ride at the canter on the rail in both directions

demonstrate awareness of leads

trot for a minimum of five minutes without stirrups

drop stirrups and pick up again

ride in 2-point at the canter

trot "no hands" over a grid of trot poles

ride ground pole course at the trot

jump a single crossrail, not to exceed 18”

Printed in a 3-hole loose-leaf format. 25 pages.