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Nikki is our Director of Instruction and a co-owner of HorseSense Riding Academy -- a patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor for riders of all ages and abilities. She is experienced in mounted games, dressage, show jumping, cross country, foxhunting and trail riding, including four USPC National Championships competitions.  Nikki has a national-level "H" Pony Club instructor and stable management rating.  She also teaches horsekeeping classes, and co-manages the farm.  References from many satisfied students upon request!



Dana is co-owner of HorseSense -- which means she does everything from mucking stalls to doctoring horses to balancing the books.  She served many years as a USPC District Commissioner, and continues to teach horsekeeping and equine business lessons to children and adults, along with the occasional beginner riding lesson.  In a former life, Dana designed corporate training programs .... she infinitely prefers teaching people about horses!



Evan won't let us post a photo of him here, but we couldn't run this place without him. He does all of the heavy lifting and grunt work, and helps us in a million little ways. He also doesn't like for us to point out that he has become, willy nilly, a very efficient and competent horsey caretaker.


We're fortunate to have several excellent working students helping us run the farm and the riding school -- all of them invaluable!

Lexi and RhiannonLEXI -- Lexi has been an assistant for the past two summers, helping us whenever possible with feeding chores, summer day camps, exercising horses, and lending a hand with the occasional lesson. We're very proud of her commitment to training Rhiannon, improving her riding ability, and powering through those Levels to achieve Purple Level ribbons in both Horsemanship and Horsekeeping in 2015.

Lexi told us when she was six years old that she wants to be a veterinarian, and ten years later that is still her goal. We think she'll be an exceptional vet -- or anything else she decides to be.

Meanwhile, we're grateful for her strong work ethic and unflagging cheerfulness. She's such a good role model for our younger students!


Maura and BiscuitMAURA -- Maura has been our camp photographer for several years now. Capturing all those moments of horsey bliss -- for every camper in every camp -- is a LOT more work than you might imagine, and we're grateful for Maura's dedication and talent along with all of those epic photos. She also pitches in to help as a Ground Buddy when required because, well, she's a kid magnet, and usually has an entourage of adoring campers by the end of the week. We all love our "Cool Beans"!

Of course, she's also been riding since she attended her first Novice Camp many moons ago. She begins 2017 working on her Teal Levels with her long-time crush, Biscuit, and helping us out with barn chores a few days a week.


Pippin - fat catWe have way too many photos of Pippin, the kitten that walked down the barn aisle and told Nikki that he lives here now: photos showing him doing goofy things while contorting his rather large body into impossible positions. He's our resident Terrorist.

Merida - flat cat

We also have way too many photos of Merida, the young adult cat we brought home from the Gilmer County Animal Shelter, ostensibly to keep Pippin company. She treats him like the obnoxious little brother he is -- with indifference, murderous rage, tolerant condescension, or irritated disdain, usually all at the same time. He thinks she's great fun.

For those of you who've asked about our former barn kitties:  when we moved to new farms, Chamomile, Ozzy and Colbie all came to live at Dana's house (to the consternation of Evan's rescued kitty Rowena). They definitely seem to enjoy their roles as Master Sleepers and Shedders. They're less enthusiastic about sharing the house with the other three cats, but hey, even a cat's life requires compromise.








FIONA fiona





GEMINI gemini