Welcome to the Herd!

Heaven has pony additude!

Hi there, human! My name is Heaven’s Fire, aka The Dragon, aka the greatest horse that ever lived. Technically I am a pony, but they say attitude is everything, and I’m sure you’ll agree my attitude is quite large enough for a full-size horse. I’ve been asked to start this blog by my Girl, who … Read more

My Favorite Things

Heaven has a lot to smile about!

You know what they say about mares. We’re moody, we’re unpredictable, we’re difficult to get along with. But I know a little bit about mares, being one myself, and I think mares are just like any other horse, only better about telling you what they like and don’t like! I bet you’ve got your own … Read more

Contact Us

Want to get in touch with a real person – not a call center in faraway lands? Drop us a line with your question or comment and we’ll do our best to respond quickly.

Like you, we have horses and students and dogs and cats and families to manage, but we check email several times a day so you should hear from us within 24 hours.

We have been blessed with many talented photographers over the years: students who voluntarily stood out in a sweltering/ freezing arena – or slogged up and down our hilly pastures – capturing lifelong memories of camps, clinics, and shows. We’re grateful to all of them!

One such student, Delaney Witbrod, is now a professional photographer with a gift for animal portraits – see more of her fine work here.

You’ll also find illustrations throughout our online courses and printed materials (like study guides) graciously donated by Rhonda Hagy, who is a student and lifelong friend. Contact us for information about her work.

Are we lucky or WHAT?!

Online courses coming soon!