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Horsey learning in the cloud!


Online courses for HorseSense Learning Levels are under construction!

Knowledge = Safety

We want students to learn as much as possible about horses – both under saddle and in the barn – because safety for horses and humans is our #1 goal.

So we’re turning our proven Learning Levels curriculum into online classes that supplement hands-on mounted and unmounted instruction programs.

  • Students can learn at their own pace, on any device.
  • Lessons are short and engaging, with little quizzes to assess retention.
  • Students can prepare for riding lessons with terminology and vital concepts: why we do things the way we do them!
  • Instructors will have more time to devote to teaching hands-on riding and horse care skills.
  • Horses will be safer and happier!

You can still download our printable Learning Levels curriculum - FREE since 2005!

We'll have more options for Learning Levels instructors -
stay tuned for some amazing stuff!

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