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If you're considering a career in stable management -- or any other type of equine business -- there's a lot more to learn than just equitation and horsekeeping skills!

What does it take to create and maintain a successful equine business?

careful planning and organizational skills

a working knowledge of general business principles

an extensive knowledge of horses and their needs

a realistic financial strategy

and a willingness to get your boots dirty and work!

What are the benefits of an equine internship -- even when it's unpaid?

Ihay crewt's easy to dream about a life with horses ... but most of those dreams don't include mud, blood and feed bills! An internship can give you the chance to experience a simulated horsey lifestyle and decide if this is the right path for you. (We encourage this Try-Before-You-Buy approach to all horsey endeavors, because it's not just the humans who pay for a failed equine experience -- there are usually horses that suffer. That's bad.) If the lifestyle appeals to you, on the other hand, you'll have a solid foundation on which to build those dreams.

Our unique internship is also designed to give you an intensive education in both equine management and equine business principles. We use a progressive curriculum that combines our Horsekeeping Levels with practical Equine Business Excercises. You'll earn Levels ribbons and certificates for every completed level -- with a detailed checklist of skills and knowledge to show prospective schools and employers.

The internship experience could provide you with a class project or research paper, for which we can provide numerous resources. (Or maybe the basis for the next great American novel?)

Internships can also be a great networking opportunity. We have contacts in many different equine fields that can help you expand your horizons -- and a barn full of friendly, happy people (we are a No Drama Zone!) who can provide insight and companionship.

How does the internship work?

We have two internship options:

SUMMER ACCELERATED INTERNSHIP -- You make a commitment to the days and hours of your choosing, and we'll create a flexible schedule throughout the summer school break that will provide lots of hands-on instruction. Room and board may be included as compensation, depending upon the terms your commitment.

INTERNSHIP COMBINED WITH WORKING STUDENT PROGRAM -- The long slow route to equine expertise! Working student interns spend Saturday mornings learning to handle barn chores, then focus on horsekeeping and equine business lessons for an hour or two. Afterschool sessions may also be available by private arrangement.

Both internship options include:

Super-intern Augusta helps with summer day camp.supervised barn duties: learning the how and why of feeding and turning out horses, cleaning stalls and maintaining the barn and grounds.

personalized instruction geared towards completing HorseSense Horsekeeping Levels and HorseSense Equine Business Exercises -- with an optional imaginary barn premise.

access to an extensive equine resource library.

opportunities to enhance your resume as an assistant (Ground Buddy) with riding lessons and summer day camps.

Who can apply for an internship?

Internships are open to anyone who:

is age 12 or older.

has completed Red and Yellow Horsekeeping Levels -- or can demonstrate knowledge to achieve those levels before beginning the program.

is physically able to perform light barn work, including lifting hay bales, carrying water buckets, etc.

is non-smoking.

agrees to abide by all of the posted rules for the barn, the farm and the bunkhouse.

wears barn-safe footwear and clothing appropriate for a G-rated lesson barn.

is reliable and punctual.

has a cheerful, willing attitude.

is ready to commit to a program of self-directed independent study -- and really wants to learn.

working student internshipsHow can I apply for a HorseSense internship?

The process is pretty informal: contact us to set up an appointment. Be prepared to discuss your goals, your study habits, your experience with horses, and your favorite horse. If you're under the age of 18, bring a parent or guardian.

Can I get course credit for this internship?

We'll be happy to work with your school to inquire about credit. Some great tips for securing course credit are available here.