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How well-trained is YOUR horse? 

Ground training is the foundation for all good riding.  Come learn how to improve your relationship with your horse — before you ever set foot in the saddle!

Saturday, FEBRUARY 25, 2017
Closing Date: Feb 18

Infosheets and enrollment forms are available to download here. Please read through carefully, then sign up online or bring us the forms before the closing date.

Camp runs 9 AM - 5 PM and includes:ground training

Discussion of basic equine learning theory

Overview of training methods

Clicker and trick training clinic

Inspirational videos

Behavioral shaping with training plans

Plenty of hands-on practice and evaluation


Appropriate for horse owners and HorseSense students aged 10 and up, Red Level or equivalent.  If you don’t own a horse, we may have a limited number of horses available to borrow just for this camp.  

Campers are welcome to stay overnight in the farmhouse for an additional charge - see entry forms for details.

Ground Games Clinic - Hitman and JourneyWhy do you need this clinic?

This clinic is STRONGLY recommended if you:

currently lease a HorseSense horse...

are a new horse owner...

plan to lease or buy a horse in the future...

have a spooky horse that needs desensitizing

want to learn the fundamentals behind all horse training, both in and out of the saddle...

 . . . because understanding how horses think and react to their environment - including our behavior - is CRITICAL if you want to keep your horse happy and safe. Unintentional ignorance ruins more horses than deliberate cruelty or neglect! Let's make horses happy.