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General Rules, Barn Manners, and the Usual Common-sense Instructions

No smoking in or around the barn.

No alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons allowed on the property.  Ever.  Not even once.

NO RUNNING OR LOUD NOISES IN OR AROUND THE BARN – esp. when horses are present.

Don’t leave trash – water bottles and those infamous candy wrappers – around the barn, arena, or parking areas. Candy wrappers are particularly dangerous for our horses. Trash bins are located at the front of the barn and by the judge’s stand at the arena.

The bathrooms in the barn and the farmhouse are available to anyone who need them, provided they don’t make nasty messes.  Please don’t throw food in the bathroom trash – use the big covered trash receptacles in the barn and on the farmhouse porch.

If you break it, you fix it or replace it.

If you’re not sure:  ASK!

In the Tack Room and Feed Room

Riding school tack and equipment are in the BACK tack room.  Please don’t use anyone else’s stuff.

Put everything back where you found it.  Everything.  Tack, grooming boxes, wheelbarrows, manure forks, etc.

If you bring your own stuff to the barn, label it.  We can’t be responsible for everyone else’s stuff (we have enough of our own to track!)

Be sure to keep all feed containers securely closed, and sweep up any spilled grain to deter critter invasions.

Keep the tack/feed room door closed - particularly when you head out to ride.

Rider Safetyhelmet rule: every ride, every time

All students MUST ride with an ASTM-SEI approved helmet – no exceptions!  Anyone doubting the necessity of a helmet is invited to watch our video, “Every Time, Every Ride”, starring several paraplegic former riders.

Smart riders wear barn-safe boots or sturdy shoes that cover the toes, no really loose clothing, no dangling jewelry (except small earrings), long hair tied back securely, riding gloves when it’s cold, and plenty of sunscreen when it’s hot.

Check that girth or cinch!  In fact, do a safety check of all your tack before you step up into the saddle.

Keep your tack clean and in good repair.  Riding with unsafe tack is really dumb.

For your own protection, please don’t ride alone.  Make sure that someone else will be on the premises to provide bandages and sympathy – or to dial 911 -- in case of an accident.

Horse Care and Safety

Use a quick-release knot to tie your horse’s lead rope.  If you don’t know how, ask for a free lesson.

Horses may not be tied in the barn aisle or tie racks and left unattended for more than a minute or two.  If you need to answer an urgent summons elsewhere, put your horse back in his stall or paddock.

We encourage you to use leather halters and breakaway nylon halters with leather straps, which are safer for panicked horses than all-nylon halters.  At least, tie to a breakable haystring loop.

Any manure dropped on the ground or barn floor should be cleaned up promptly, preferably BEFORE we step in it.  We provide a wheelbarrow behind the barn for your convenience – BUT YOU MUST EMPTY THE WHEELBARROWT BEFORE YOU LEAVE!  Please don’t leave your horse’s poop in the wheelbarrow for the maid. (It's her year off.)

Guests and other Varmints

All students and guests must sign an equine liability release form before they may ride on the premises.  No release, no ride.

If your guests are slobs, please clean up after them as required.

Check to make sure your guests are wearing barn-safe footwear.  If not, please keep them out of the barn and paddocks when the horses are present, or else accept responsibility for their smashed toes and exorbitant doctor’s bills.

Young children must remain under adult supervision at all times.  Keep their little feet away from big horse feet.  Teach them to approach a horse safely, to have a healthy respect for the hind end, and to never startle a horse with sudden movements or loud noises.

Our best advice:  Be nice, Be safe, MAKE YOUR HORSE HAPPY!

You can download a copy of these rules here.