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Q.  Do you offer trail rides?
A.  Sorry, no.  Whenever we get calls from vacationers looking for trail rides, we usually refer them to Blanche Manor.

Q.  Do you offer pony rides?  
A.  Well, yes and no. We won't do the typical drag-a-kid-in-circles-on-a-pony type of pony ride;  we have some strong opinions about any activity that treats horses like vehicles.  We do offer introductory Pony Ride lessons, however, that are suitable for young children.  See our Lessons page for details.

Q.  Do you teach Western riding?
A.  No, our riding instruction is based on the English disciplines of eventing and mounted games.  However, we do occasionally have events that are open to Western riders.

Q. Are your camps and shows just for your students?
A.  All of our shows and competitions are open to outside riders, provided you meet the age and experience requirements for a given activity (see individual show pages and infosheets for these details).

Starting in 2017, we have one summer day camp that is open to beginner riders who are not regular students here at HorseSense -- see our Novice Camp page for details.  We do accept outside riders with their own mounts for our Mounted Games Camp and our epic Quadrille Camp; again, you'll need to check those pages for eligibility requirements.

Our students have first dibs on school ponies, of course, but we might have a mount available if your don't have a horse of your own to bring to a camp; we generally do NOT have mounts available for shows and games competitions, however. Look over the information carefully, then contact us for possibilities.

Q.  When do you offer lessons?
A.  We teach Wednesday - Sunday of each week, and all of our lessons are by appointment only. 

Q. How do I sign up for lessons?
A.  Make sure you've looked over our Lesson Program Guidelines first - lotsa good information there that you'll need to know. Then contact us to see what openings we have available; it's always easiest to communicate with us via email, but you can also leave a voicemail message.

We'll start out by scheduling an introductory assessment lesson, then work out a regular lesson schedule. Most of our students ride once or twice a week, although we have a few students who ride bi-weekly. New riders will start with a few private lessons and then will join an appropriate group lesson where feasible.

You'll find that we have a perpetual waiting list for lessons. We do stay VERY busy, and we don't have a lot of turnover; most of our students just kind of grow up with us. During the school year it can be challenging finding enough after-school daylight for lessons. Longer days in spring ease the schedule somewhat -- but we also tend to get a LOT of calls for new lessons then. It's a good idea to get your name on the waiting list BEFORE the Spring thaw!

Q.  How old must a child be to ride a horse?
A.  It depends upon the maturity of the child.  Riders must be able to follow verbal instructions and maintain focus for the entire lesson.  Some 4-year-olds are mature enough for a pony ride lesson and some are not; if your child is easily distracted or intimidated, it would be smart to wait a year or two.

Q.  What age is appropriate for regular riding lessons?
A.  Both physical and emotional maturity come into play here.   Children aged 6-8, whom we refer to as "Rising Riders", start out at Rainbow Level with 15-30 minute lessons.  In general, we suggest riders should be aged 8 or older to start regular riding lessons, which begin with at Red Level;  look over our Red Level curriculum to see the skills and abilities required to start regular lessons.

Occasional pony ride lessons are a good way to start younger children; this gives them an understanding of basic riding principles by the time their legs reach past the saddle.   Younger riders and their parents will need to be patient about progress -- it takes physical strength and LEGS -- to control a 1000-lb horse!

Q.  Do you teach adults?
A.  Yes!  We usually have several adult students.

Q.  We're just visiting the area -- can we take a one-time riding lesson?
A.  Maybe!  We just need to be able work your lesson into our regular schedule, so it's best to call us well ahead of time.  This is especially important in the summer when we are running a zillion day camps.  Also, please be aware of the requirements for safe riding.

Q.  Do you offer birthday parties?
A.  Yes, when our very busy schedule will allow it. Plenty of advanced notice is a must! Click here for details.

Q.  What are the age requirements for summer day camps?
A.  Our youngest students are the Rising Riders, aged 6-8, who will be combined with outside beginners aged 9 -18 in our revised Novice Camp for 2017. This camp is appropriate for riders with no horse experience and for riders with walk/trot experience. More experienced riders can choose from our two specialty camps that focus on a specific discipline (for 2017 that's Mounted Games and Quadrille). See our day camp page for details.

Q.  Do you take cash or checks?  What about credit cards?
A.  Yes, cash or checks are fine; checks should be made paybable to "HorseSense Riding Academy", or just "HorseSense". We're unable to accept credit cards at the barn, but we do have a Paypal account set up to handle credit card transactions online (you don't have to have to register with Paypal to use it). You may use the online payment option for lessons, camp fees, or any other payment, but please be aware that we have to add a service fee to online transactions to offset the fee PayPal charges us.

Q. Umm .... I was looking for The Stables at Eagle Mountain?
A.  That's us -- or rather, it used to be us! When Coosawattee decided to put a 4-story inflatable waterslide next to our arena, it was time for us to find a new home. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep calling ourselves "The Stables at Eagle Mountain" -- but the name change is the only loss. Come see us at our beautiful new farm in Ellijay -- click here for directions.